Book Club

Hello! This site has now moved to Please click here for up to date recipes and posts

Cooking my way through my enormous collection of cookbooks

Each month I will choose a book.

Every week I will cook and blog about a recipe from that book, including a monthly WILDCARD: a recipe chosen by my husband, Matt.

Join in! I’d love to hear about what recipes you’ve tried and how it went.




date stuffed Mackerel | Crazy water, pickled Lemons

Lemon & Basil Ice Cream | Crazy Water, Pickled Lemons

 This Site Has now moved to don’t miss out! Click here for up to date posts and recipes


5 thoughts on “Book Club

    • letseatfirst says:

      Just had a look, love it! There’s something quite therapeutic about taking on a project like this isn’t there? And to actually COOK from books you love, rather than just flick through them and drool!!


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