KingshEATh’s 2nd Birthday | KingshEATh Streetfood Market

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Me: I said Kingsheath, HEATH!

Matt: oh

So after a slight detour through Kings Norton, we arrived at the market.


Bathed in sunshine, the square was alive with people eating and chatting, live music playing and wonderful smells of all the different foods cooking.

BrumYumYum who organise the monthly market were celebrating KingshEATh’s second Birthday, and plenty of people had turned up to join in the celebrations : the place was packed!


I’ve never seen people queue for so long but be perfectly happy about it. I presumed that they were regulars who perhaps knew the food was worth waiting for!

I joined the queue for MeatHeads.


I was desperate to try one of their meatball subs after being far too full to try one at last weekend’s Streetfood Market in Brindley Place.



The Zeus Ball Sub: Lamb Balls with Feta, Mint, Preserved Lemon, Olives, topped with  Yoghurt & Mint Sauce and Olive Tapenade. Yum.  I tried to eat this delicately and failed. Choosing instead to adopt the simpler, but less ladylike, apply-food-to-face method, this disappeared in no time at all!

The meatballs were super tender and juicy, and the olive tapenade was so zingy and fresh. And the potatoes: cooked to perfection, they were fluffy on the inside while the skins were chewy and sweet in their herby dressing.  Worth the wait.

Next stop: The Sunday Kitchen’s Dirty Great Griddled Sandwiches. What a name! We were sold.


I chose the Masala Chicken, Sweet Lime Slaw and Goat Curd. Lou & Harriet who are the clever people who make these beauties, told us how they had sampled the goat curd in Cambridge somewhere, and liked it so much that they actually built this whole sandwich around it. It was sounding promising. I love it when people talk so passionately about the food that they produce, it just makes you want to eat it even more, knowing how much love has gone into it.



It was incredible. Like seriously good. The goat curd, tangy and slightly sour against the warm spices on the masala chicken, and the fresh zesty coleslaw. Oh my. Try it.

Full, but still wanting more, I bought some sweet things to take home with us.

The guys at Bake were busy.  As I got up close, I could see why.


I obviously bought a couple of things!

Mrs Mills Cakes, with it’s towers of Rocky Road and Brownies, looked divine.



I bought a Banana Chip and Peanut Butter Granola Bar. (Although now looking at these photos, it is beyond me why I didn’t buy more).


Not overly sweet or cloggy, you could taste all of the ingredients. Although I would have liked more peanut flavour. It does contain peanut butter, but maybe some whole peanuts as well would have been good. I do like peanuts though!

The cakes from Bake went down a treat with a cup of tea in the garden.


The Raspberry White Chocolate Lemon Cake, tasted as if it hadn’t been drizzled with, but in fact SAT in a bowl of lemon sugar syrup, it was so moist. The white chocolate icing was dense, creamy and fudge-like. The tart raspberries were a welcome contrast to the overwhelming sweetness. AMAZING.

I also bought a slice of Salted Peanut Millionaires Shortbread. I’d not tried dark chocolate with peanut before: this was much more sophisticated than a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  The shortbread base was buttery, and crumbled as soon as your fork hit it, it was so good. The caramel was FULL of peanuts, and salty and delicious.  Topped with the smooth dark chocolate ganache, this was really rich. But oh so good.

I’d just like to point out at this point, that I did SHARE this food with my husband and daughter, although a diet of lettuce for the next week is still required.

Brum Yum Yum run the KingshEATh Streetfood Market every second Saturday of the month.

Street Food Festival | Brindley Place


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